NSL is a firm that has delivered a US Patented revolutionary system , that is tactical, totally "ergo- functional", and absolutely universal!  

We bring you the first load bearing center mass sitting platform, that can be globally relied upon to fit any situation or lifestyle (Military, fire/rescue, prepping,  first responder, law enforcement,  etc.)  

Special feature: Each device is also its own mobile Hotspot!  130 countries and can connect up to 10 devices!  

Each system comes with a lifetime guarantee top to bottom!

Why Choose Us?

We have taken the care of developing a system, that gives you more, just as you deserve.   We never belived in giving you much of the same , which most individuals/organizations may be accustomed to .    Our platform allows the flexibility to addapt to any situation, and provides one superior empowerment/control.   

We are dedicated to assisting our professionals globally, by delivering an American crafted juggernaught.  Our products shatter  conventional wisdom,  yet delivers innovative ergonomic functionality!   Oh by the way...our systems are American crafted and come with a lifetime guarantee.   Discounts provided for Veterans and Military personnel. 

About Us

Kacy "Asphalt "Jones


We created Native Sun Labs,  to cater to the tactical needs of the public, for any  market.  We designed our system to support any function,  and suit any situation.   We wanted to empower,  by creating something that has no limits.

We've seen what's out there we we believe that you deserved better!